Construction Photos

A selection of photos of the construction progress of a Mini 12 hull.  (Thanks to John Mortimer for the photos he took while building his boat)
This is just one example of how they can be built.  e.g.  John used planks for the deck, while others used thin plywood.  Regardless, note the importance of ensuring a water tight seal between the deck and hull by securing this bond with tape while the glue dries.  However, the deck beams all should be placed as per the construction drawings.

Click on a photo to see a larger version.  Then click the “Back” arrow on your browser to return to this page.

120325_03SF120328_01SF120329_01SF120329_03SF120329_02SF120408_03SF120408_01SF120209_01SF120209_02SF120408_02SF120412_01SF (1)

Additional Construction Photos of different boats with close up of different fittings:



Servo2 Mast-step Sail-servo Twins

And an other example of a boat hull and servo mounting.  Lots of room for creativity and ideas.  Note the plastic water tight plastic bottles that Peter Sly uses to contain the radio and batteries.

 Hull Hull2 Hull4 Hull3

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