Radio Control Sailboat Racing

logo3Welcome to the Belleville/Quinte (Ontario, Canada) Region
Model Sailboat Racing Club. We race the Mini 12  class

Model Yacht Racing is FUN! And you don’t get wet and cold! It’s also a lot less expensive, there’s no handicapping (Skippers race boat to boat) and still has the adrenaline rush of real yacht racing.


These radio controlled sail boats use two channels.  One for sail trim (main and foresail work in tandem) and one for rudder.

You only use only the power of the wind to get around the course.

The QMYC is located in the beautiful Quinte Area of Ontario.  Our radio controlled sailing venue is within Belleville.
Racing takes place Tuesday afternoons, starting at 1:30pm, except during July and August when it starts at 6:00pm at BQYC

Members are notified by email, at least two hours prior to the start of the racing, if there is a cancellation due to poor weather.

There are three series, Spring, Summer and Fall.  Each day of racing consists of six or eight races.  Any number of race days will qualify for a series, but by completing more than 50% plus one race days, gains you throw-away days.  Lowest point count of total races wins.

We welcome any new members, or just those interested  in learning more about radio controlled model yacht racing.

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