Mini 12 Information

The hull is be made of hand-laid fibreglass cloth. The mold shall be the original made by Frank Scott of Newington, Ontario, Canada but these are no longer made by Frank.

To purchase a hull now to Mini 12 specs, please contact Blake Moran via our club email The hull comes with an assigned number.

Blake also has available Mini 12 “Kits” that can be everything from the deck down and  you add your own rigs, or any combination as such.


A used completed boat, may be also be available at QMYC.  Go to Contact Page to ask if there are any available.

Don’t be intimidated by the construction.  There is lots of advice and help available, if you need it, from QMYC members.

Photos of hulls ready to use:

Hulls 1

Hulls 2

Please use the above drop down menus under “Mini 12 Information” for construction of the Mini 12


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